And the Folks Back Home


Peter profile
Peter Logan:
I probably sent a couple of postcards – you know, when we got there to let my mum and dad at home know I’d arrived. I forget how long it took them to get it. Probably back before they got it! I think I sent another one when we moved down to Mexico City for the latter part of the tournament.
Patrick profile
Patrick Burke:
Supporters I know didn’t keep in touch with home very much. No mobile phones then, of course. People sent the odd postcard and that was that. You could phone but it was expensive.
Stanley Lewis:
Never sent postcards or anything. We was just there to see the football.
Jasper profile
Jasper Cook:
I’m a great one for keeping in touch, and leave forwarding telephone numbers when I’m away. But I always say “Don’t you dare ring me unless somebody dies or something!” I’m away! I never contacted anyone while I was there. But I’m a big postcard writer – sent loads. End of Chapter - Mexico70 Sombrero