The Tournament Begins…

The Opening Ceremony and Opening Game
Sunday May 31st 1970

Stanley Lewis:
I’d never seen England play ‘live’ before this.
Jasper profile
Jasper Cook:
The opening ceremony and the first game of the tournament (Mexico v Russia) was the day after we arrived in Mexico. We watched it on the television at the motel. In fact we watched a lot of the other games on that television
Patrick profile
Patrick Burke:
We weren’t going to apply for tickets for the opening game and ceremony – probably very expensive. I can’t remember watching but if we did it would have been in our motel. I’ve been to quite a few opening ceremonies for athletics over the years and as somebody once said to me quite rightly, “Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”.
Peter profile
Peter Logan:

I can’t remember whether we watched the opening game or not.

Stanley Lewis:
Can’t remember that game. Probably watched it on the telly somewhere. End of Chapter - Mexico70 Sombrero