Patrick Burke

Patrick profileA retired civil servant with HM Customs, Patrick Burke was born in Inverness, Scotland in 1942. His father was in the RAF and the family moved to England in 1949. Although not brought up in a football environment, Patrick became a Millwall fan in the 1950’s and has stuck by them through thick-and-thin for over fifty years.

He is probably one of a small number of football fans who have had the distinction of attending three World Cup Finals – 1966, 1970 and the 1998 final between France v Brazil for which he won tickets in a lucky draw. In the past Patrick was a keen runner and took part in no less than four London Marathons. He now lives with his wife Jane on the Barbican Estate in the City of London, though he doesn’t tell the neighbours about his love of Millwall in case it devalues the local property prices!